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I'm Staying at Calicut, Kerala, India. I'm the Passed out Student from KGCE Fine Arts Since 1999. After that I Worked at Several Places and Completed more than 10,000 Drawings. I also Worked as a Drawing Teacher for Several Years. I also Published Several Drawing Books Which make the Drawings easy for Students at Different Schools. Since more than 10 Years I have been Professionally in this Field Itself.

I'm an the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of live PHOTO draw Company. I'm the one who Introduced many of the methods like Portrait, Colour Portrait, Caricature, Oil Painting etc. We will Accept all the Orders through Online from any Corner in India and the Drawings will be Ready at your Safety Hands. live PHOTO draw Offer the Best Rate for he Best Art Works. Be Pride with " live PHOTO draw " its Being with Individually. live PHOTO draw is Running with Skilled Artist, Leadership with Artist PRAJEESH Creative Head at live PHOTO draw. We are Happy to Work with you Any time to

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Wedding & Birthday

Portrait, caricature, wedding Gift, birthday Gift, Invitation.

Personal & Gift

portrait, caricature, for Birthday on any other womderful days Gift pictures.

Family & Group

Portrait, Caricature with family members,special friends draw with you.


Water color, Pencil drawing, Acrylic oil painting & Mural painting


Vector, Bitmap, Corel draw, Photoshop with best quality on your ideas.


for cartoon realistic charector and all types sketches etc.

single caricature below Rs.500/-

group caricature 4 person Rs.2000/-

single caricature colour Rs.1000/-

detailed caricature colour Rs.2500/-

wedding portrait below Rs.3000/- per face Rs.1500/- only

wedding portrait colour Rs.5000/- per face Rs.2500 only

Terms & Conditions

Caricature is Funny and Normal through with Persons Identify and Portraits are only Normal Photos. We are 100% Perfect Hand Drawing Portrait and Caricature Artist. It's a Really Dare thing for new ones... for Gift, Personally, Family, Friends and Other Memories Moments for Portraits and Caricatures...

  • 1. Gift Portrait &Caricature are based on Photos.
  • 2. Say your Caricature Look, Action, Dress, Models, and your Ideas.
  • 3. Give a Perfect Photos, get the Perfect Portrait & Caricature.
  • 4. First we will Send the Pencil Sketch after Receiving the Payment. Then if there is any Corrections we will do it and Send to you by Courier.
  • 5. We will Send the Courier only after the Transfer of Full Payment in the Bank.
  • 6. To Start the Drawing we must get 30% of the total Amount.
  • 7. We will Send the Work as for as Possible if you make the Full Payment.
  • 8. The Courier Charge will not be Included in the Drawing rate. If the Original is Required Courier charges are Included but if only Sort coppies are Required the Courier charges is not needed.
  • 9. For the Portraits only clear Photos are Required even if it is Group Photo or may be Single Photo.
  • 10. The Costomeres who Require Frame works can Search as we will send Different Frame Models and its Separate rates.
  • 11. The Different Size and Models ofthe Frame Works Deference the Rate of the Work and we will inform at the Situation.
  • 12. Through Payment options.. Net Banking, Bank Deposit. Will be Transferred the Account Number will be Given after the Order of Work.
  • 13. You can get your Order Portrait & Caricature 2nd copy any time with Extra Print Charges Only.

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Live Caricature Event Caricature Service available at Calicat, kannur, thissur, Trivandram, Kochi and Requested cities. Minimum Travel allowance is Charged for all orders

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